This is soooooo bad..

Life is just so hectic... It is not right... definitely not right for me!!!
I need to settle down, seriously consider about everything..
The feeling is soo shitty.. I dun feel good!!

All i want is to lead a simple, meaningful life.. A life that is complete.. A life with a nice ending when everything ends. I want learn everything to make my life meaningful, yet im not focusing on any... This is juz soo great..

People often said that passion is an undying flame for something your interested in.. However a flame still requires oxygen to keep it alive.. Aiyah.. not to worry.. there is always a period of time where life is just not right!!

Erhmmm.. also, i had seriously considered about my actions lately. come to think of it.. i had been intruding that little girl privacy and she is feeling very uncomfy.. Think i made my move to fast.. hahaz..

KK.. i better dun anyhow make wild guesses again..otherwise.. i will die a horrible death!!!!!!!

~sOuLaCtIoN~ @ 10:56 PM


Woke up around 10am this morning.. Went online and somehow i unintentionally irritated someone..
Felt shitty after knowing that.. ><
Well.. promise not to be so lame next time!!

Hahaz.. This afternoon there was a heavy down pour that last for more than 2 hours!!
Man.. i forgot to bring my umbrella to my driving center.
Suay la.. so unlucky that the road to driving center is not sheltered!!

Just when i wanna cross the road, a kind lady offered to shelter me with her umbrella..
Although i got half-drenched.. i would still like to thank that lady for her kind offer ^^.

So drove around Ang Mo Kio area and in the school circuit. Nothing much actually..

Then received a sms from my sec school buddy.. her grandma passed away so i went to attend the wake.
Erhmm.. feel sad for her.. wish that she will feel better as time goes by ^^

Then after that, went home straight..
erhmm.. now nothing to do.. rotting at home!!

Take care peeps!!

~sOuLaCtIoN~ @ 8:41 PM



Guess what.. I bought my piano le ^^ So happy..

Went to Cristofori warehouse which is at Bedok industrial park with mom..
Man.. I was searching high and low for a suitable piano..
Wooo~ AFTER 2 long hours, i finally found the one i like..
The sound it produces is so rich and uniform!! ^^, really like it alot!!

Heard that it would be delivered to my house next week..
Erhmm.. guess i must really put in alot of effort in practising.. so that i won't be wasting my parents money!! ><

Anyway, after we purchased the piano..
The both of us took MRT back and i got to rushed for Chua Chu Kang CC for training..
Actually i was late la.. whahaz.. end up i reached there at around 8.12pm

Then kennard got to take my group for Ti Dui..><
Actually kinda feel bad.. But then thought that it is time for him to learn how to lead a group!!
Hahaz.. i had my chance, so now is his..
Not saying i am very good in leading, (actually mine still needs improvement la ><).. But everyone deserve a chance to take the leading role.. ^^

Didn't actually see how he leads la.. Cause once i reached, i ended up taking the group. Despite saying that i will let him lead!!! So contradicting.. whahahaz..

Today my big group is been split into 3 small groups.. Then all of us (JY, HW, FW, RQ & me) took each of them separately.
And the results.. It is better compared to last week..
Students were more attentive and most importantly easier to control. Oh ya, we can still pin-point at their mistakes and correct them on the spot..

Wahahaz.. all of us were less stress!!
Think next time round, we will adopt this teaching method.. ^^

Tomorrow still have wushu class at green ridge ><
Gotta sleep early!!
Otherwise sure can't make it there on time!!!

Tat's all folks.. Thanks for reading ^^

~sOuLaCtIoN~ @ 11:33 PM



Left my house early this morning to buy my brand new piano.. But to my disappointment the model that i want was out of stock!!! zZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... Never mind then.. will get a better model next time round.. maybe a WHite one!! hahahaz..
Went to have my hair cut and straight home after that.. First thing i did when i reached home was to play computer.
Erhmm.. i think it is super unhealthy to sick in front of the computer all day long!! ><

Anyway, left my house at around 7pm for training at Nanyang Community Centre..
Erhmm.. nothing special happened today while training.. wahahahz.. Everything were as per normal.
Then after training went back home and on my computer again ><.

Being "MOTIVATED" to blog again!!
soo ya.. here i am blogging about my boring everyday life..

Nightz people..
Sleep tight ^^

~sOuLaCtIoN~ @ 11:28 PM



Well.. it's still the first week of holiday, and i'm loving it!!
Erhmm.. today left house at 3pm then reached clubroom at around 4.12pm?! Actually should have reached there early one, but i got some work at home so ended up late. Poor Wei Chong, made him wait for me for like 2 long freaking hours!!!
Haiiz, didn't feel good actually.. His frustrated face, made me feel intimidated and guilt stricken..
So i kept quiet throughout and hoped he will be less angered ><
Anyway, i'm seriously sorry for making u wait la.. hope u will see my blog..

Today training is fun.. No proper routine due to area restriction..
SOOO.. all the coach decided to let us throw some kicks and punches!!

Then after that went to mac and have dinner..
Ate fillet-o-fish EVM and the auntie gave me an extra packet of fries!!
Sooo good right!!

So after dinner is straight home!!
Well.. reached home and my mom just sprung up and told me we are going to buy piano tomorrow!!
I was kinda excited.. when she told me that!!

Super bored now... Chatting with my besties.. Guess what? he got Gf le.. super happy for him. Looks like most of my frenz, all have gf or bf le.. Ehmm... when is my turn?? AHAHAHZ.. no la.. not soo soon la.. my mentality not stable yet.. still a little bit childish and immature!!! ><
Though i long to have one.. since the very last time i stead!! But.. aiyah.. having a gf now will only serve as a hindrance in my path!!
am i too crude and direct?!! Think soo.. but hahahaz.. it all depends on fate la..

But if i really find one that i like.. IF..
i think i will treasure her well ba.. wahahahz..

But.. i am happy with my life now!!


~sOuLaCtIoN~ @ 12:52 AM


handed in all my stuff and i'm so happy to be out of this dreadful nightmare..

What is important now is that i can finally enjoy my holidays!!^^
I got sooo much things i wanted to do during this 2 months of break..

1) Find a job
2) Go catch up with my besties
3) Train extremely hard to go for grading
4) Keep my body in shape
5) Train up for NAPFA
6) Practice my piano!! (have been neglecting it for a long time le)
7) Go sun tann.. if possible..

Seee so many things to do...

I had work extremely hard for my FYP le.. so now is time to let loose and get crazy!!!

Currently enjoying my first day of holiday.. People who are still having exam!! Jiayouz ya.. Give in your best shot.. ^^

~sOuLaCtIoN~ @ 1:18 AM


Back to blogging again and i think i wouldn't let it rot again.
Shouldn't say who is the one who "motivate" me to blog..
Otherwise i will get killed..

Shucks.. i had been doing my presentation for the past few hours!!
and IT'S STILL NOT FINISHED.. and Wednesday is the deadline ><

Anyway, i wanna watch movies during my holidays.
List of movies:
The final destination
Jack neo 2009 Hormedy..

Kk.. it's time to go back to my work.

~sOuLaCtIoN~ @ 4:16 PM


It's been soo long since i last update my blog..(should be around 1 year pluz)
So how r u guys out there doing? GOOD..?
Miss you all..

ANyway, recently i'm busy with FYP, Wushu & Piano..
Tat's why i didn't update my blog..

Come to think of it, time flies..
In juz a nick of a time, i'm already in my year 3.. graduating soon in around april next year..

SOOO.. I should start planning for my future after i graduate from NYP.
hahaz.. obviously is to serve the nation for two freaking years..
No choice.. That is something which differentiate a boy from a man!!!

mmmmm... I am not really sure about that..
Should i further my education in local / overseas university??
Should i work hard and aim to be a wushu coach??
Should i go back to F&N to work as their Quality Control Staff??
or, Should i pursue a dream career that i always wanted??

hahahz.. either way, i still have to complete my studies in NYP first..
sO... let's just burst the bubble now, focus on my studies and hope to achieve a GPA of 3.30 before i graduate from NYP.. (Sounds Mission Impossible!!!)

It's late guys, go catch some sleep..

~sOuLaCtIoN~ @ 11:54 PM